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To make 450 million blue collars workers in India to be fully trained and become economically independent with simple, standards and effective education, skills and training.

Junoon offers vocational training, opening online community colleges in 10k villages, job candidates skill assessment/verification and placement services.







Training Categories

Junoon provides rich training programs to workers across 20 categories to enhance their skill set and find a sustainable livelihood as per their improved proficiency. The training programs come in both text and video formats, and are deemed to be an important step towards standardizing the modest jobs in the country to provide a substantial living and a better future.

Auto Mechanic



Construction Worker

Cooking Assistant




Our Vision

 At Junoon we are working very passionately to help millions of unskilled or semi-skilled workers in India by cascading training and help them have flexibility to seek jobs. We want to create a platform for them to get consistent jobs with standardized income. 

Value Pillars

Enhance Value

At Junoon our vision to enhance the financial valuation of the workers in an essential yet non-standardized market by providing a common platform to gain enhanced skill set.

Create Growth

We thrive on a consistent pattern of uplifting people and blue-collar community, constantly seeking opportunities to bring growth and scalability to the targeted sector.

Continuous Development

It is essential to ensure that one continues to be competent in their respective profession and get upskilled on a recurring basis to match the work trends & technologies.

Long-Term Approach

Every inch of our effort is aimed to inculcate sustainable skills that would develop long term occupational standards.

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About the Founder

Junoon is founded by Ahaan Aggarwal, a high school senior at the American Embassy School in New Delhi.

“After I saw the numbers, I knew what was missing.”
Back when the national lockdown had begun, Ahaan found that unemployment in manual labor had spiked after offices, warehouses, and many other locations had to shut down because of the lockdown. He created Junoon in order to help the millions of Indians across the country that were struggling to find employment.

“When you raise up the bottom 50%, society prospers”
Ahaan firmly believes that by improving the skills of blue-collar workers, India can experience sizable economic growth. Junoon is his way of giving back to the company.

Ahaan interned with Lightbox VC in the summer of 2020. He attended Harvard Secondary School in Summer 2019. In his free time, Ahaan likes to read and watch movies.


Adopt A Village

With adopt a village program, Junoon is creating online community colleges for vocational training in 10k villages across India that will not only train people but also connect them via internet to help them to come back to job market.

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