QuoteTo make 450 million blue collars workers in India to be fully trained and become economically independent with simple, standards and effective education, skills and training. Junoon offers vocational training, opening online community colleges in 10k villages, job candidates skill assessment/verification and placement services.Quote

Our Vision

At Junoon we are working very passionately to help millions of unskilled or semi-skilled workers in India to have simple and standard vocation training, skills assessment test, KYC/verification and placement services so that can build career, have good livelihood and contribute in nation building.

What is Junoon

Junoon is a simple, instructional based online vocational training and job search platform that is focused or blue collar jobs. Junoon is founded by Ahaan Aggarwal, who is among the youngest entrepreneurs in India. Ahaan is very passionate about helping unskilled or semi skill workers to develop or enhance their skills and help them become independent economic units.

Why Junoon

Junoon is helping millions of blue collar workers to get some simple, standard and effective vocational job training during Covid.

World’s largest economic hardship going totally unnoticed wherein hundreds of million unskilled or semi skilled blue collars workers in India are without job. Not much has been done for this segment of the society. Junoon is creating simple vocation training material and job engine to help bring back these workers to job market with enhanced or standard skills.

Who it is for

Junoon aims to make bottom 450 million Indians relevant, especially make them economically more viable, enhance their skills and help them to come back to job market in the backdrop of Covid led hardship and massive unemployment. Hundreds of millions blue collar workers are stuck in their home towns , can not get a job until they come back to metro cities and they cannot come to big cities unless job is guaranteed, hence totally stuck. They do not know anything which falls into working from home


Junoon started when in March 2020 Ahaan got deeply disturbed observing the mass reverse migration of hundreds of millions of blue collar workers within weeks after Covid led lockdown. Most of these people are unskilled or semi skills, barley live on poverty line and work as daily wagers with hand to mouth. As Covid hit, hundreds of millions of these workers could not survey in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and other big cities and started heading back to their villages. The situation was so bad that thousands died out of hunger and tends of thousands either walked or drove cycles to over 1000 miles to be back to their home towns.

Junoon was incorporated in June 2020, training programs started developing from April and the company raised its first round of capital in Oct 2020.


About the Founder

Junoon is founded by Ahaan Aggarwal, a high school senior at the American Embassy School in New Delhi.

“After I saw the numbers, I knew what was missing.”
Back when the national lockdown had begun, Ahaan found that unemployment in manual labor had spiked after offices, warehouses, and many other locations had to shut down because of the lockdown. He created Junoon in order to help the millions of Indians across the country that were struggling to find employment.

“When you raise up the bottom 50%, society prospers”
Ahaan firmly believes that by improving the skills of blue-collar workers, India can experience sizable economic growth. Junoon is his way of giving back to the company.

Ahaan interned with Lightbox VC in the summer of 2020. He attended Harvard Secondary School in Summer 2019. In his free time, Ahaan likes to read and watch movies.


Team and Advisors

Junoon was founded by Ahaan Aggarwal, who is counted among the youngest entrepreneurs in India. Ahaan is able to bring on board many leaders from various fields as advisory board members. The advisory board currently includes five members.

Rishabh Malik

Rishab Malik

Rishab Malik is a profound Entrepreneur and Angel Investor. With over 10 years of experience in Strategy, Finance, and Entrepreneurship in the US, UK, India and Singapore. He is passionate about consumer technologies and has been a founder, investor, and mentor to several technology startups in S.E. Asia and India.

Kunal Khattar

Kunal Khattar

Kunal is a serial entrepreneur and an investor with over 24 years of global experience in varied corporate and entrepreneurial roles. He co-founded Carnation Auto – India’s first and largest independent Multi-Brand Auto Solutions company. Kunal leads the investment initiatives as well as operations at advantEdge Partners. Kunal has been actively mentoring and investing in startups in his individual capacity as well. He is passionate about partnering with companies across the digital spectrum including mobile commerce, digital media and other technology fields.

Radhika Ghai

Radhika Ghai

Radhika Ghai is an Internet entrepreneur and India’s first woman to enter the Unicorn Club. She is the co-founder of online marketplace ShopClues established in 2011 in silicon-valley. Currently, she serves as the Chief Business Officer at ShopClues.

Chaim Friedman

Chaim Friedman

Chaim is founding partner of LionBird, an early stage VC firm operating out of Israel and the US. Prior to forming LionBird, Chaim co-founded and served as the CFO of STARLIMS, a scientific informatics software provider, selling to Fortune 500 companies and governments around the globe.

Viren Rana

Viren Rana

Viren is a serial entrepreneur, technology veteran and passionate investor with being angel investor in half a dozen startups across the globe. Viren is the founder and CEO of Renovite Technologies having presence in US, UK and India. Renovite is the only company today globally that has cloud native, cloud agnostic payment processing platforms across channels – POS, ATM, e-commerce, mobile etc .