What are the Various Challenges Faced by Cleaners?

Cleaners are employed across professional sectors. Be it industrial, corporates, or residential buildings, they tend to prove to be a vital cog in the overall functioning. It would not be an exaggeration to say that their absence or inefficiency can impact how people operate or carry on with their daily lives.

People are always on the lookout for efficient cleaning professionals. As a cleaning professional, besides maintaining hygiene, you are to know about dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning ceiling vents, restroom cleaning, etc. Now, if you happen to be a cleaning professional or looking to explore the job opportunity, knowing the challenges can prepare you to deal with job responsibility with ease.

Cleaners Skill Development

So, what are the various challenges faced by cleaners?

Here is your answer.

Challenges faced by a cleaner

Skill development for cleaners is aimed at elevating the standards of cleaning professionals. You can easily execute every instruction when you are aware of all the little aspects of your job. It is highly recommended to go for cleaning training courses to know about various challenges mentioned below, and how to deal with them efficiently.

Unavailability of the right equipment

People expect cleaners to do every bit of cleaning without any complaining. However, if asked about the right equipment for a cleaning professional not many can go beyond brooms, vacuum cleaners, or clothes. Unavailability of the right equipment becomes especially troublesome in professional surroundings.

Solution: It is advisable to find out the availability of the right equipment at the very beginning of starting out your job. Ask for the various equipment you will be provided once you start working and, if you find anything missing, make sure you ask your employers about the same.

Exposure to harmful substances

Professional surrounding such as one in a chemical factory tends to be harmful to everyone. But, for cleaners, it is an occupational hazard wherein they might not be involved with much of the functioning but must make sure that the factory is up and running for the next day.

Solution: Safety gear! It is mandated by government rules to provide necessary safety gear such as boots, jackets, helmets, masks, etc. Do not hesitate to ask for the right safety clothes or accessories necessary for you to carry out different tasks without any trouble.

Lack of communication skills

Often, we have seen cleaners getting into the unnecessary discussion, arguments with people for no fault of theirs. Much of it can be attributed to the lack of proper communication skills. It is not only for cleaners rather every blue-collar worker takes time to adjust to the new environment.

Solution: Cleaning training courses are designed to help individuals get trained in every aspect of their job. Communication is an important aspect of the overall training module. It helps you to understand the professional tone and how to get across your message without any conflict.

Health hazards

The main objective of any cleaner is to maintain optimum hygiene. Now, what are you supposed to do if you are allergic to dust? These are occupational hazard which you have to deal with smartly. Depending upon the task at hand, there are various health hazards which poses risk for the cleaners.

Solution: Be mindful of your surroundings. If you are allergic to dust or any other substance, make sure you communicate it to your employer and get the necessary equipment to carry on with your job.

The above mentioned are the prominent challenges faced by cleaners. While it is majorly about being aware of these to deal with them smartly, much of them can be easily put away with the right training module. So, make sure you get the right training to deal with the above-mentioned challenges with ease.

Are Online Construction Worker Courses Reliable in India?

Construction workers, the blue-collar workers of the real estate and construction sectors, are the backbone of the industry. Companies in this sector are looking for workers with advanced skills. With the changing business environment, companies are looking for construction workers having updated hard skills along with essential soft skills for enhanced competitiveness. Luckily, there is a state-of-the-art training program for construction worker and other construction courses designed for upgrading hard skills as per the current industry demand.

online construction course

The changing demand of the construction industry

As said in the introductory part, the real estate and construction sectors are emphasizing the need for skilled manpower. As far as the soft skills are concerned, they are not differentiating much between the blue collar and white collar workers. But in the case of hard skills, they want the workers or applicants to be up to date. Almost 80% of the workers in India are blue collar workers. This makes it clear that the skill development of these workers is vastly important both in terms of organizational development as well as personal and professional development of the workers.

How is a construction course online designed?

The construction works may seem simple and straightforward, workers involved in the profession only understand the intricacies of the works. Apart from the huge physical and mental strength require in the profession, construction workers need to be impeccable in their assigned jobs. They need to keep supporting the project managers and work as they are asked to do. Hard skills are expected to be updated since modern construction works have changed a lot. Several types of advanced tools and materials have been introduced in construction jobs.

Hard skills are the basic skills that determine your worth in the job market in your domain. Based on your hard skills, employers will determine whether they will hire you or not. Let’s see what are the hard skills expected from you in your profession:

1. Knowledge in building and engineering – Technical knowledge related to building and civil engineering works are mandatory for construction workers. Familiarity with tools and materials are indispensable in this profession. Most importantly you should possess hard skills in the following areas:

  • Surveying
  • Plumbing
  • Masonry
  • Framing
  • Renovations
  • Roofing
  • Flooring
  • Uses of power tools
  • Extensive knowledge of building materials
  • Wallcovering
  • Demolition
  • Basic knowledge of different construction works

2. Safety measures – Construction workers must have in-depth knowledge of all safety measures in workplaces. As a construction worker, you should know what precautions you should adopt in different construction projects to save yourself and your co-workers. Reap the benefits of construction course as it includes comprehensive knowledge on safety measures for construction workers.

3. Physical strength – Construction works are highly physically demanding works. Considerable strength and stamina are essential for accomplishing different types of tasks in the construction sites. However, you should use your strength scientifically and also use the tools and equipment accurately for easing your jobs.

4. Tools and technologies – As a construction worker, you have to be habituated to different tools and technologies. Needless to say, like, in any other sector, tools and technologies are evolving constantly. You have to be updated on this matter.

Online construction classes are designed to include all these aspects of hard skills. Employers today want skilled blue collar workers having in-depth knowledge in all domains of their respective fields.

Along with your hard skills, some essential soft skills are also imperative. If you are good at your work keep the focus on developing soft skills as well. The right combination of hard and soft skills makes a construction worker apt in their field.

These core soft skills include the following:

5. Problem-solving skills – Organizational environment is full of problems. Some problems have easy solutions while some need intense attention and analytical capacity to work our appropriate solutions. Blue collar workers with problem-solving skills get more responsibility and important job positions in the industry.

6. Mathematical and sketching skills – Construction workers must have mathematical and sketching skills. These two skills help them to put their hard skills or professional skills in a project more aptly.

7. Communication skills – Corporate environment expects updated communication skills from the construction workers. Communication processes have come up a long way with the invention of email and social media. Strong communication skills have several other benefits.

8. Time management skills – Time management is important in every project. There are fixed deadlines that construction workers need to adhere to.

How the skill development for construction worker courses help the construction workers?

These courses are conducted online. See the top online courses of Junoon ( and select a building construction job training course for yourself. These courses are designed keeping in focus the latest demands of the real estate and construction sectors. They also help you to find a suitable job through their job search portal. Since the courses are online, you can learn in your free time.

Can I Improve My Earning As A Gardener With Online Gardening Courses?

Blue collar workers are the backbone of an organization. They bear a huge responsibility at the grassroot level. In the present business environment, almost every category of manual works or the works that involve physical hardship is corporatized. The gardener jobs are one of them. You must be wondering how come a gardener like you get a job in big companies? Let me tell you most companies prefer to set up their offices inside a specific premise which will include a park or garden positively. Even nowadays the importance of having indoor plants in the offices has become a must. So, several corporate bodies hire gardeners.

online gardening course

What can help to get gardener jobs?

Employers are constantly looking for blue collar workers equipped with soft skills as well, so that they are well fit in the organization. Apart from the big firms, there are housekeeping and maintenance agencies in different cities of the country that hire gardeners. This is because, gardeners have huge demand these days. Pursuing a state-of-the-art programme for the skill development for gardener, which includes both hard and soft skills, help to apply for a lucrative job with a good income opportunity. In this way, the world will surely get to know your worth.

What all are included in the training program for gardener?

While referring to the importance of corporate culture and work procedures, we generally refer to white collar workers. But time has changed a lot. In the modern market-oriented corporate environment, trained blue collar workers get similar importance. As the most unorganized sectors are also getting shape slowly but steadily, it’s the high time you reap the opportunities showing your skills both as a gardener and a team member.

Hard skills are primary qualities which will decide your work profile. On the basis of your knowledge, you will get placed. So, what all things you should know:

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) – This will define your job profile and what all works you have to do in that particular profile.
  • Do’s and Don’ts – This will help you to know your protocols and also ensure that you are working safely.
  • Checklist and Best Practices – This is necessary as this will let you know what is expected out of you from a job. As a gardener what all works you must do and what will be considered as best for you.
  • Tools & Technologies – Every job requires the use of certain tools and technologies. A tool necessary for gardener will be completely different from other job profiles. But as a gardener you must be aware of each and every tools and technologies required for gardening.

Soft skills are additional skills which are expected and essential for a successful professional career and personal development. The training program in your field is also designed to develop some extremely essential soft skills:

  • Organizational skills – Being a part of an organization, you have to work in a system. You need to learn & adopt the organizational values and work accordingly. But, for this gardening training is essential, otherwise you won’t understand it completely.
  • Time management skills – This is a quintessential skill every organizational member should possess. As a gardener, you have to be very much accurate in attending and managing the entire area. Clients never want unprofessional gardener to handle, as this can also lead to death or dryness of all plants. Organizations also do not want to hire people having any time sense. Skill development for gardener will help in building the time management sense among you.
  • Communication skills – Communication is not just a soft skill that you must possess for successful organizational life but also a vital life skill. With our right communication skills, many essential soft skills remain useless. Communication skills have many aspects of helping you to work more efficiently and follow the directions of seniors. Modern-day communication changing aspects in many ways. It’s getting more digital than oral or physical. In the gardening classes, you are taught better ways of communication.
  • Problem-solving skills – These are the skills that let us understand a situation in a better way, tracing the underlying issues, and resolving them as the earliest. Problems are annoying, time-consuming, and demoralizing. The problem, especially when you are time-bound to complete a job needs special skills to find solutions. Benefits of gardener course is that you will know how to solve a problem quickly and swiftly without interfering more people.

Your proficiency in gardening accompanied by your proficiency in soft skills make you a complete professional.

How gardening courses online help to grab the best opportunities?

Let your skill develop in every possible way. As a gardener, you might be extraordinary in your job, but you may lack certain skills that the present-day organizations look for in an applicant. Getting a job in the organized sector comes as bliss to blue collar workers like you. It is great for the company as well as they will be getting a skilled gardener like you. Fixed income, fixed hours of work, opportunities grow with more responsibility, and fringe benefits make gardener jobs attractive. Take the assistance of Junoon for a good course curriculum and let your dreams come true.

Is Upskilling the Blue-Collared Workers Path to Becoming a Developed Nation?

The term “blue-collar workers” refers to those skilled and semi-skilled workers directly involved in manual jobs. Blue-collar workers are indispensable for the implementation and accomplishment of any kinds of projects that industries take. As such, blue-collar workers are the backbone of an organization. The quality of the job, adhering to deadlines, attending urgent situations, or managing any crisis is not possible if the workers implementing the job are not skilled enough. That is why skill development for blue-collar workers is so important. Ultimately, they are the ground level warriors who have to implement a job. If they remain upgraded and proficient, the top management remains confident. In a broader perspective, blue-collar workers play an important role in building a nation. It’s necessary to consider their skill development seriously, so that jobs they render at the micro and macro level eases the passage to become a developed nation from a developing one.

blue collar workers training

What does blue-collar work benefits others?

Blue-collar workers are required everywhere. There are varied types of blue-collar workers needed in industries today. Following are some demanding categories of blue-collar workers –

  1. Auto mechanics
  2. Carpenters
  3. Cleaning workers
  4. Cooking assistant
  5. Construction Workers
  6. Delivery assistants
  7. Drivers
  8. Electricians
  9. Gardeners
  10. Laundry workers
  11. Masons
  12. Nannies
  13. Painters
  14. Plumbers
  15. Picking assistants
  16. Packing assistants
  17. Security guards
  18. Servers
  19. Runners
  20. Warehouse assistants

There are several other categories of blue-collar workers as well. As the economy changing from an agrarian economy to an industrial economy, the demand for these blue-collar workers is increasing steadily. Companies finding various innovative methods and models to engaging these workers more professionally, which means more responsibilities to these workers.

Workers having the credibility to take responsibility and wants to excel in the corporate world have now ample scope to capture opportunities. Companies want these workers to be industry-ready, so that, companies don’t need to put much effort to make these workers skilled and adjustable to corporate culture.

A few facts and changes required–

  • People in the above-mentioned professions are mostly deprived of various benefits they can otherwise reap from being a part of the corporate world.
  • They lack in some essential soft skills like communication skills, time management skills, and team management skills. If they can achieve these skills, they can find themselves in a better position.
  • Demand for blue-collar workers is growing day by day in the corporate sector. But for working in the corporate sector just core skills are not enough, workers must develop some essential soft skills as well.
  • As blue-collar workers take more responsibilities or companies find them dependable, they experience unhindered career growth.

How much responsibilities blue-collar workers can handle?

There are several responsibilities that blue-collar workers handle in organized sectors:

  • Experienced workers can be given higher job responsibilities on the basis of their skills and experience.
  • They can be made team leaders if they have good command over the jobs, communication skills, and organization skills.
  • They can be given more responsibilities like a part of the broader management team, project management team, and even key positions in the department if they have an interest in these kinds of high responsibility positions.

Blue-collar workers can be an inherent part of a company if they can prove their worthiness. The job scenario in the skilled and semi-skilled workforce has been changing rapidly. There is an expected increase of 10-12 percent of job opportunities in the blue-collar sector. At present, over 450 million workers are categorized as blue-collar workers in India. Overall, the blue-collar workers statistics in India is quite impressive:

  • Various MNCs in almost all sectors like automobile, heavy engineering, oil and natural gas, FMCGs, and manufacturing are regularly entering this country. They require a huge pool of blue-collar workers.
  • MSMEs in India is growing fast. In fact, the growth of MSMEs in this country is much higher than in many countries in Europe. At present, MSMEs have been employing more than 110 million people including blue-collar workers.
  • Startups in India are increasing in overwhelming numbers. In 2014, there were approximately twenty-nine thousand startups and now it’s almost fifty-five thousand. Blue-collar workers providing various services are getting attractive job opportunities through these startups.
  • Online service providers like food delivery services, product retailing platforms, and professional service providing platforms need almost all categories of blue-collar workers.

Training program for blue-collar workers

Training programs for blue-collar workers are now readily available online. This means people having core skills in various disciplines can now develop soft skills through various online courses. In the modern corporate world, if someone wants to excel, just the basic skills are not sufficient. With some essential soft skills like organizing, team management, time management, customer handling, communication skills professionals like carpenters, plumbers, security guards, auto mechanics, and electricians can find better opportunities in corporate sectors. Top training provider like has been rendering excellent courses for blue-collar workers.

Blue-collar workers are the backbone of industries. Without the development and expansion of industries, no economy can grow. India has a huge pool of skilled manpower. With the upliftment of skills, blue-collar workers can help the country to grow economically and socially. If a nation has a strong and skilled workforce, it’s easy for the nation to be resilient in every aspect that in turn eases the path to become a developed nation.

Myths and Facts about Blue Collared Workers

There is no denying that every country is dependent upon its blue collar workers to function. Every day we pass by these people without even acknowledging their contribution to an extent that we remain ignorant of their needs. COVID19 probably highlighted their role when people serving as security guards, maids, or anything else had to leave for their hometowns, and people were left to fend for themselves.

The fact about blue collar workers is that not only do they make our lives easy but also ensure that many untoward hassles are kept at a bay, so that, we can go about our daily routines without any hassle.

What are various blue collar jobs?

A profession wherein the employee has to perform manual labor is deemed as a blue collar job. There are approximately 450 million people in India who are listed under the blue collar work category.

Blue collar jobs include:

  • Security guards
  • Carpenters
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Auto-mechanics
  • Drivers
  • Gardeners
  • Runners
  • Painters
  • Construction workers

Their contribution to nation-building and in our lives, cannot be emphasized much. All you have to do is imagine a day wherein there is no security guard at your building gate, no plumber to repair faulty faucets or inefficient construction workers.

There are times when we do not actually pay much heed to their requirements and their standards of life. Though blue collar workers job demand never goes out of trend our perception towards them must change.

It is time to bust myths about blue collar workers and reveal the real facts about them.

What are myths and facts about blue collared workers?

Myths and Facts about Blue Collared Workers

Myth: They do not do much work

Fact: They do more than anyone can imagine

Eh! What does a security guard do? Sit all day in the cabin, open the gates, and at night they are sleeping throughout! This is the common statement that is thrown without much thought and consideration. What we need to understand is that though the job role might not be as fancy as a software engineer or a marketing guru, their work is filled with plenty of challenges. The prominent being pacifying rowdy attendees for no fault of theirs.

Myth: They charge for more than they deserve

Fact: They deserve every penny they ask for

It is common to negotiate for a lesser price with the construction workers. We tend to overlook the intricate process of building a wall. What escapes our eyes is the manual labor and the perfection with which everything must be executed at a construction site. Also, with broker commission, they tend to lose out on their full salaries. Next time try to be considerate when negotiating for their wages.

Myth: They often indulge in theft

Fact: All they want to do is get the job done

This can probably be attributed to movies but, people tend to suspect their housemaids or security guards for anything untoward that happens. It is better to adopt a calm approach rather than simply asking people if they stole something. This hugely impacts their self-respect and confidence. Trust is important for any relation even in professional.

The thing is, they are working for you, you are not doing them a favor, but it is they who make sure that you can enjoy your life. So, the least you can do is get rid of preconceived notions and be respectful of their needs and pay what they deserve.

However, the trend seems to be changing as people are taking blue collar workers’ duties seriously and make sure that none of them are treated badly and they get their dues.

How can we help for blue collar workers?

COVID19 has greatly impacted the job opportunities for blue collar workers. They are yet to understand the use of smartphones wherein there are ample job postings for blue collar workers. If you happen to know any such workers you can inform them about the job or even better, help them understand the whole process of applying for jobs and how they can get better. Online portal like Junoon not only offers better training to blue collar workers, but also assists them to find suitable placement under one roof.

Can I Pursue Mason as a Career Through Online Mason Courses?

Masons are an inherent part of construction works. A mason uses bricks and different other construction materials to build structures as per the planning of civil engineers and architects involved in the projects. As such, masons need to work in a team of experts. There is no dearth of mason jobs in India. These days recruiters are looking for expert masons having multiple skills that are not rescripted to hard or professional skills alone. If you are serious about your profession, this can be a good field for you. You just need to think right and act right.

skill development for mason

How do masonry courses can make a difference in your career?

As said before, just having masonry skills is not enough to excel in the corporate world. When you are trying to make a position in the corporate world, you have to take into account your soft and core skills as well. There are several aspects of soft and core skills that you need to develop to survive in the profession. Keep in mind that –

  • Recruiters want blue collar workers to be efficient enough to work in a tea, communicate well, place their opinions clearly, and find the mistakes in the planning if any.
  • Employers want blue collar workers to take more responsibilities, pro-active, adhere to deadlines, keep good communication with the supply chain, and ready to face the challenges.

The purpose of a state-of-the-art masonry course is to equip you with all these mason workers skills so that you can perform at the optimum level. If you can become an asset to the company, there will be a smooth sailing career as a mason. With experience, you can get more responsibilities, better and attractive compensations, and more important in the company.

What are the basic jobs of a mason?

Apart from the essential skills, you need to have some important core skills as well. Let us first check what are the basic jobs of a mason:

  • Assist in construction works as per the planning and project.
  • Assist in roofing, framing, and sheathing of a building.
  • Assist in the remodeling of existing structures as per the planning of the project
  • Inspecting the jobs as stated above to rectify any safety hazards.
  • Reporting to foreman or supervisor regarding the progress of the job.
  • Communicate to the foreman or supervisor any anticipated issues in the construction.
  • Communicate with the team members, junior masons, and other masons.

Masons hold an important part in the construction project. Being blue-collar workers in the construction industry, masons are indispensable in that industry. But essential or professional skills are not alone. There are some core skills or soft skills as well that are also important.

What are the core skills of a mason that can boost mason careers?

Following are the most essential core or soft skills that can help you excel in the corporate world as a mason:

  • Creativity – If you are creative, you will definitely find yourself in a good position as a mason within a few years. In construction works creativity plays an important role. In most of the cases, civil engineers and architects involved in a project are found to make changes or face crises.
  • Mathematical skills – To be an essential and successful mason, you must have impressive mathematical skills. It helps you to assist the higher authorities with correct calculations.
  • Sketching skills – This is a must for a mason. If you can sketch the construction works appropriately, civil engineers will start depending on you.
  • Reading skills – You must have the ability to read instructions quickly and understand them well. Various instructions and rules will reach you in print and digital form.
  • Communication skill – Without intensive communication skills, you will not be a better team member. Today’s communication processes are different and mostly digital. You need to master these processes.

In a structured mason training program, these prime aspects of soft skills are taken care of. The courses are made off on the basis of the current requirements of the industry. So, you get more confidence to apply for jobs in the top-notch companies in India.

Where to look for the mason online courses?

There are some popular training centres online like Junoon offering various constructive and timely courses for blue-collar workers. They also update the blue-collar workers regarding the latest situation vacant in different positions including mason job vacancy in India. Communicate with a popular training centre of this category to become an efficient mason and experience a prosperous career.

How To Get A Job After Carpentry Training?

Today’s job market is highly skill-oriented. Skill in this market is just not related to professional skill only but also includes various other soft skills as well. If profession-related skill and soft skills can be developed together, any blue collar professional can find a prosperous career ahead. In the job market, carpenters are highly demanded. In fact, the supply of skilled carpenters most of the time cannot meet the demand of the market. Carpenters with even years of knowledge and impeccable professional ability cannot meet the market demand if they lack the soft skills. However, with the right kind of carpentry training, they can find the coveted jobs in the corporate sector. Showing your strength in soft skills, you will be able to impress the employers.

carpentry training

What is the necessity of carpentry courses?

Corporate world is longing for skilled manpower. When you are applying for a carpentry job in any corporate sector, employers will go through your soft skills as well. That means, apart from your grasp on carpentry, they would like to examine how efficient you are in adjusting to the corporate environment and how would you perform with more responsibility. Here lies the importance of online carpentry courses. These courses are designed to enhance your soft and core skills, especially the organizational and management skills that make you a complete professional.

What changes will you notice in carpentry company jobs?

The corporate world is a completely different place where different kinds of skills are required to survive and excel. There is a huge demand for carpenters in the furniture manufacturing and servicing industry. Buyers now show more interest in buying branded products from top furniture brands. Dozens of domestic and multinational brands have established their manufacturing units across the country. Naturally, carpenters are required in this sector. If you have already experienced in this profession, you must learn carpentry from proper sources that provide need-based training to adjust to the corporate environment. Remember that in the corporate world the working process is slightly different from what you have done so far as an individual professional. Different kinds of technologically advanced tools are helping carpenters work fast and accurately. You have to be habituated with this tool.

How to apply for a carpentry job?

There are lots of online and offline sources from where you can get updates of situations vacant in different positions in different companies for carpenters. However, if you are pursuing an online course from a reputed online training centre dedicated to the training and development of blue collar workers in India, you would get all kinds of support from them for finding a suitable job. Other ways of finding or applying for a carpentry job includes the following –

  • Go through the newspaper columns – Every national and regional newspaper publish the latest situation vacant in a separate column twice or thrice a week. Go through these columns in different newspapers regularly.
  • Search online – You can go for a blind search online from Google or any other popular search engine to find the latest demand in your field.
  • Register with job search websites – Lots of reputed job search portals are regularly giving updates. Register on these sites and apply directly from these sites.
  • Find the company websites – You can find the websites of the companies that regularly recruit carpenters and go for push application. Sometimes, these companies publish their requirements on their sites also.
  • Keep updates from your fraternity – This is another authentic way of getting news of vacancies in different companies. You should build up your community to get all the latest updates.

If you are skilled enough and if you are equipped with organization skills, communication skills, teamwork skills, time management skills, and other soft skills along with your professional carpentry skills, employers will welcome you wholeheartedly. Once you get an entry, you will be able to develop yourself further and get more opportunities.

What about online carpentry courses?

Develop your skills with the help of the best online courses. You can access Junoon for the same. They offer the best courses and assist you in finding the best jobs as per your skill and experience. Remember, there is no scarcity of carpentry jobs in India. All you need is the right knowledge about the current requirements of the industries and exposure to the corporate environment.

What are Some of the Leading Companies that Employ Blue-Collar Workers?

There is no dearth of jobs for blue collar workers in India. Attending the right training program for blue collar workers, one can develop soft skills and look for decent jobs with higher responsibility and compensation in reputed companies. Almost every industry seeks skilled manpower that can alleviate organizational performance. In this highly competitive market, ground-level employees play a crucial role in strengthening market competence.

What are some leading companies offering blue-collar jobs?

Blue collar workers company in india

Following are some of the well-known companies in India where blue collar workers play a significant role.

  • Auto Mechanics

There are quite a few companies and startups that are recruiting auto-mechanics to better serve customers in the Industry. It could be a pre-owned vehicle chain like Droom or companies like Pitshop that are trying to organize the garages across the country under the same vertical.

Some other options are mainstream automobile companies like below:

Maruti Suzuki India – India’s leading car manufacturer Maruti Suzuki regularly recruits auto mechanics. Its dealerships and servicing centres also recruit auto mechanics.

Hero Honda Motors – One of the leading two-wheeler manufacturers of the country Hero Honda requires a huge number of mechanics in different manufacturing units.

  • Carpenters

Carpentry is not limited to workshop and furniture production level work. They help to arrange day-to-day maintenance related to furnishing and home décor. Companies like pepperfry, Furlenco and other startups when it comes to woodwork. Other mainstream options include:

Durian – This 35-year-old furniture manufacturer designs all kinds of furniture for home and office.

Purewood – This company was founded in Jodhpur, Rajasthan in 1997. It specializes in handmade and traditional furniture items.

  • Cleaners

Any company be it a small firm, big firm, startup, or an MNC, every place needs cleaner, not only to clean but also to maintain the hygiene factor of the place. Some of the firms who hires cleaners and create opportunity for them to work in big organizations are:

Chem-Dry – Based in the USA, Chem-Dry is the world’s leading carpet cleaning company. They offer franchisee businesses where hundreds of blue collar employees are required.

ICleaners – This company offers all kinds of housekeeping services including floor and carpet cleaning.

  • Laundry Personnel

It does not only involve normal cleaning, but it may also require skills to operate dry-cleaning machines and washing machines, for household items or industrial items. You can be associated with any hotel or the hospitality industry. Here are some popular names in this line:

German laundry – This is an advanced level laundry service in India. They offer franchisees across the country.

U Clean – This is one of the leading chains of laundry services in India. They also provide pick and drop service for busy customers.

  • Construction Workers

Godrej Properties – This is one of the oldest real estate business in India. Godrej Properties become a publicly listed company in 2010.

Indiabulls Real Estate – This company was incorporated in 2006. Their key focus is the construction and development of commercial and SEZ projects.

  • Cooking Assistants

There are different franchise chains like Behrouz, Biryani by Kilo, cloud kitchens, commercial kitchens, etc., who are always eager to get cooking assistant

Haldiram – Haldiram is one of the most popular snacks and sweets manufacturers in India. They are known for their various blue collar work benefits. Cooking assistants have good demand in this company.

Hotel Saravana Bhavan – This is the largest chain of South Indian Vegetarian restaurants.

  • Delivery Personnel

Swiggy – Founded in 2014, Swiggy is the largest food delivery service in India. At present they are working in more than 100 cities.

Delhivery – It’s one of the largest and most profitable logistics companies in the country. They regularly recruit delivery executives.

  • Drivers

Ola – Ola is a ridesharing and app-based passenger car booking company. Drivers here earn handsomely. In recent times, the company has also started food delivery services.

Uber – This company is based in the USA but their existence in India is noteworthy. This app-based passenger car booking company recruits hundreds of new drivers every year.

Other companies like Baxi, Rapido, Meru cabs, etc., always have the demand of skilled drivers, on the hands of whom passengers will feel very safe.

  • Electricians

Electricians can find jobs at Urban Company (earlier known as UrbanClap), any development project, maintenance staff at hotels & commercial facilities. Some renowned places where you will dream to be a part of, are:

Adani Green Energy Limited (AGEL) – Part of the famous Adani Group, AGEL is one of the largest renewable energy generating companies in India. Completing programmes of skill development for blue collar workers, electricians can get scopes to work for the company with lucrative offers.

JSW Energy Limited – This is a leading power supplier in India with a current capacity of 4541 MW.

  • Gardeners

Local agencies, municipal bodies, panchayats, nurseries, parks, and residential complexes recruit gardeners. Even commercial space like WeWork, co-working spaces, OYO properties, company facilities also prefer to have a huge garden and gardeners are primarily responsible to well maintain it.

  • Masons

DLF Ltd. – It is one of the top ten real estate companies in India. They required different blue collar workers including masons on a regular basis.

L&T Realty Ltd. – Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Mumbai, L&T Realty Ltd. This is a part of Larsen & Toubro.

Even builder floors, gated societies, hardware shops, and construction material shops, do need the assistance of masons to set up their entire structure.

  • Nannies

Nannies have turned up to be modern day house helps for taking a better care of the tiny tots, and the idea is not limited to metros only. Nannies are in great demand among the working couples and nuclear families.

Different cities in India have a huge demand for Nanny services. These cities have respective agencies helping experienced and new nannies get the right jobs. If you are in Kolkata there are Care Generation, Indian Maid Services, etc. If you are in Bombay, there are Naany’s House Daycare, Supriya, etc.

  • Packaging Personnel

Amazon – Based in the USA, Amazon is now the world’s largest online retail platform. They recruit hundreds of packing experts in their different storehouses.

Flipkart – Flipkart is one of the most popular online retail platforms in India. The company has hundreds of warehouses where packaging experts are required.

  • Painters

Asian Paints Ltd. – Asian Paints is a multinational paint company based in Mumbai, India. Asian Paints was founded in 1942. The Company is currently engaged in the business of manufacturing, selling, and distribution of paints and other related products.

Berger Paints India Ltd. – Berger Paints is based in Kolkata. The company was founded in 1923. Its products include paints, coatings, wallpapers, and chemicals.

  • Picking Personnel

Pidge – Pidge is one of the most trusted courier services in Delhi NCR. They are also attached to several eCommerce services delivering ordered goods to their customers in Delhi.

Dunzo – Dunzo is a delivery app offering quick delivery of varieties of products including food and medicines through the respective delivery partners.

  • Plumber

SMR Holdings – One of the top builders in South India, this company recruits plumbers for real estate development and remodelling projects.

Faisal Management Services – This is a headhunting and manpower recruitment company having its branches in different parts of the country.

  • Runners – This is one of the biggest and intensively spread headhunting and manpower recruitment companies in the country.

Local agencies – There are local recruitment agencies in every metro and big city that regularly provide information for the situation vacant for runners.

  • Security Guards

AP Securitas Pvt. Limited – Established in 1986, the company hundreds of security guards across the country in almost all industries.

G7 Securitas Group – This is counted among the top 10 security companies in India. It supplies security guards both for companies and individuals.

  • Servers

There is a huge demand for servers in top restaurants and hotels in India like the Bombay Canteen, Indian Accent, The Table, Bomra’s, and thousands of others.

  • Warehouse Personnel

Safexpress – A leader in the supply chain and logistics industry of the country. Safexpress offers different kinds of warehousing solutions for the industries.

Agarwal Packers and Movers – Established in 1987, this company is now providing warehousing solutions to multinational and global companies working in this country.

Working in a top blue collar workers company is an honour for any worker. But, bigger the name of the firm, the more skilled professional you need to be. They often want good soft skills knowledge along with the main hard skill knowledge. Only with proper training and skills you can be a part of the corporate world. Just make sure you are not stopping at one place, keep gathering more knowledge and upskilling yourself for better opportunities coming your way.

Vocational Training – Is Really Boon for Blue Collared Workers?

Irrespective of any profession, an individual must possess the right skills to excel at their job. Though the basic understanding and know-how gets you employed, vocational training beforehand ensures that you can lead and offer quick solutions whenever required. In a country like India, there is always a high demand for blue-collar workers who basically form the foundation of development and hassle-free living for the others.

vocational training

Once you go through the vocational training, you are well equipped to handle day to day work challenges with ease.

What is vocational training?

Vocational training is designed and customized keeping in mind the respective work expectations. Be it the communication aspect for the security guards, warehouse management, or even the duties of a pantry boy, every facet of work operation is covered in the training topics for blue collar workers.

Here are the various blue collar vocational training categories for which you can opt for:

  1. Auto-mechanic
  2. Carpenter
  3. Cleaning
  4. Construction worker
  5. Cooking assistant
  6. Delivery
  7. Driver
  8. Electrician
  9. Gardner
  10. Laundry
  11. Mason
  12. Nanny
  13. Pack
  14. Painter
  15. Pick
  16. Plumber
  17. Runner
  18. Security Guard
  19. Server
  20. Warehousing

The unstated fact is that people tend to overlook the responsibilities of blue collar workers. The jobs of blue collar workers are as intricate as any other jobs and often the workers are on their toes offering solutions every second. This is the exact reason why training for blue collar workers become important. The hardest reality about such job is that people might not appreciate workers for good work but will surely come down heavily even for the minor inconvenience. If you are starting or have decent experience, you stand to gain a lot with vocational training courses, which will eventually help you to avoid any minor mistakes.

What are the benefits of vocational training?

From landing the right job to getting a lucrative salary and promotions, the training program for blue-collar workers has plenty of benefits.

Find the best job without hassles

Cut through the competition to land the prized blue-collar job. You are sure to make your mark in the interviews when you are already aware of all that you are supposed to know and do. You will feel a surge of confidence by being the best candidate among all for the job.

Climb the promotions ladder

Your professional journey receives the much-needed boost. Once you are executing all the work to the best of your abilities, you are going to stand apart from the rest. Impress your seniors with your work ethic and you are sure to be considered for the promotion when the time comes.

Better salary

Post-training, you are not a beginner, but a learned professional who can negotiate for a better salary. You bring in your own thought process and skills to contribute for the better. You can apply to the leading organizations and with all that you have learned during your training, you are sure to impress your employer to negotiate for better salary.

Ease of working

The training helps you streamline the work operations and inculcates the right attitude to deal with any challenge that might crop up anytime. It is during such times that you are going to feel the difference and the exact benefit of vocational training.

All in all, vocational training is all about learning about your job and getting skilled to deal with all the associated challenges. So, why stay behind when you can learn and excel at your work?

Make the most of vocational training with Junoon

Junoon understands the work requirements and various challenges that the blue collar workers might face during their job. It is with research into every aspect of blue collar job that the company offers a comprehensive training program for everyone. Check out the training modules and you will be delighted to know all that is covered under these training programs.

How can Blue Collar Employees Get Jobs in India

In a developing country like India, the demand for blue collar workers never goes down. There is always a building to be looked after, a warehouse to be managed, and a need for cooking assistance to prepare those lip-smacking delicacies. Though pandemic and subsequent lockdown measures had impacted the job opportunity and work, the present scene presents an encouraging picture.

Get over COVID 19 blues, blue collar jobs are on the rise in India!

According to an article, highlighting the survey findings of the OLX People survey, published in The Hindu Business Line, “90 percent of companies in Bengaluru confirmed their intent to increase the hiring of blue-collar and entry-level workers in the third quarter of 2020. In Mumbai, 86 percent of companies would go for hiring. Delhi featured third with 76 per cent of the companies.

blue collar jobs in india

The companies mentioned that they expect a surge in hiring of blue-collar workers in the quarter ending September.”

People are going online to find their respective employment options. With tech solutions at disposal to find a job, Blue collar employees are finding employment without having to be dependent upon the middlemen.

As highlighted in the survey, metropolitan cities are leading in providing employment options for the workers, the question is, how can blue collar workers ensure employment?

How to ensure employment for blue collar workers in India?

Finding the right job is all about preparedness and being proactive about getting in touch with the right people. While preparedness is you being proficient in your line of work, with online platforms, you will not have to run around the city to find the right people.

Vocational training

With the demand for skilled professionals on the rise, there is sure to be huge competition. Your chances of landing a job depend upon your skills and ability to handle day to day functioning with ease. All of it can be learned with the training for blue collar workers which is offered in vocational training. From Security Guard, Auto Mechanic, Carpenter, Cleaning, Delivery, Electrician, Nanny, Gardner to Mason and Cooking Assistant, you can get trained with all the necessary skills to ensure that the employers see your worth as a professional.

Going online

A smartphone with a running data plan can really maximize your chances of finding the right job. You can check out the job posting online, apply for it and if the employer finds your skills appropriate for the job at hand, they can directly contact you with your contact details. By going online, you can even save time on price negotiations as you get to earn the standard prices. If you opt for a vocational training program, the respective organization even offers placements with their associations.

In the end, it all depends upon your enthusiasm to equip yourself with the right skills and getting trained with the right vocational training course to go forward.

Blue collar employees- India vs other countries

It has been largely noted that blue collar workers in other countries, especially in developed nations, get to enjoy better employment options and better life when compared to blue collar workers in India. However, the best thing about India is that there are plenty of jobs and the demand is only going to rise. Blue collar workers form an essential cog for every other sector and their contributions towards nation building can never be neglected.

Get the right assistance with Junoon

If you are looking to apply for vocational courses, Junoon is the platform for you. The company aims to revolutionize the blue collar jobs segment in India with its exclusive vocational training courses which are designed keeping in mind the exact requirements of the respective job role. From course material to candidate skill assessment and placement services, Junoon offers everything under one roof. So, go ahead and get trained to find the best job for you.