Myths and Facts about Blue Collared Workers

There is no denying that every country is dependent upon its blue collar workers to function. Every day we pass by these people without even acknowledging their contribution to an extent that we remain ignorant of their needs. COVID19 probably highlighted their role when people serving as security guards, maids, or anything else had to leave for their hometowns, and people were left to fend for themselves.

The fact about blue collar workers is that not only do they make our lives easy but also ensure that many untoward hassles are kept at a bay, so that, we can go about our daily routines without any hassle.

What are various blue collar jobs?

A profession wherein the employee has to perform manual labor is deemed as a blue collar job. There are approximately 450 million people in India who are listed under the blue collar work category.

Blue collar jobs include:

  • Security guards
  • Carpenters
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Auto-mechanics
  • Drivers
  • Gardeners
  • Runners
  • Painters
  • Construction workers

Their contribution to nation-building and in our lives, cannot be emphasized much. All you have to do is imagine a day wherein there is no security guard at your building gate, no plumber to repair faulty faucets or inefficient construction workers.

There are times when we do not actually pay much heed to their requirements and their standards of life. Though blue collar workers job demand never goes out of trend our perception towards them must change.

It is time to bust myths about blue collar workers and reveal the real facts about them.

What are myths and facts about blue collared workers?

Myths and Facts about Blue Collared Workers

Myth: They do not do much work

Fact: They do more than anyone can imagine

Eh! What does a security guard do? Sit all day in the cabin, open the gates, and at night they are sleeping throughout! This is the common statement that is thrown without much thought and consideration. What we need to understand is that though the job role might not be as fancy as a software engineer or a marketing guru, their work is filled with plenty of challenges. The prominent being pacifying rowdy attendees for no fault of theirs.

Myth: They charge for more than they deserve

Fact: They deserve every penny they ask for

It is common to negotiate for a lesser price with the construction workers. We tend to overlook the intricate process of building a wall. What escapes our eyes is the manual labor and the perfection with which everything must be executed at a construction site. Also, with broker commission, they tend to lose out on their full salaries. Next time try to be considerate when negotiating for their wages.

Myth: They often indulge in theft

Fact: All they want to do is get the job done

This can probably be attributed to movies but, people tend to suspect their housemaids or security guards for anything untoward that happens. It is better to adopt a calm approach rather than simply asking people if they stole something. This hugely impacts their self-respect and confidence. Trust is important for any relation even in professional.

The thing is, they are working for you, you are not doing them a favor, but it is they who make sure that you can enjoy your life. So, the least you can do is get rid of preconceived notions and be respectful of their needs and pay what they deserve.

However, the trend seems to be changing as people are taking blue collar workers’ duties seriously and make sure that none of them are treated badly and they get their dues.

How can we help for blue collar workers?

COVID19 has greatly impacted the job opportunities for blue collar workers. They are yet to understand the use of smartphones wherein there are ample job postings for blue collar workers. If you happen to know any such workers you can inform them about the job or even better, help them understand the whole process of applying for jobs and how they can get better. Online portal like Junoon not only offers better training to blue collar workers, but also assists them to find suitable placement under one roof.

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