How to Use WhatsApp Effectively?

WhatsApp has become one of the most popular social recruiting platforms. Though usually WhatsApp is used for personal conversation, it is a communication app strongly recommended for professional purpose as well.

Utilize WhatsApp effectively to find a job:

Real time conversations

You can contact the recruiter directly or the recruiter can contact you on WhatsApp. You can have a real time conversation through text messages, which will give you more clarity in understanding the job requirements and your satisfaction.

Easier to type messages & attach files—

While browsing internet on laptop, you can use WhatsApp Web, through web browser. It allows smooth typing and sending and receiving any documents within few secs. So, you can directly send your resume and portfolio via WhatsApp.

Sharing of all kind of files

The best part is it allows to share all forms of files be it .pdf, .doc, .docx, .jpg, .png, etc. So, your work and resume can be in any of these formats and even the JD and offer letters can also be shared via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp calls

It also allows you to make a call, both voice call and video call. So, even if you cannot make up the office of the recruiter, you can give your interview and have a detailed conversation through it.

Sending of voice messages

Sometimes, words cannot define your urgency or emotion, and the other person may not pick calls every time, so in that case you can send voice messages. The other person can hear your voice as per their convenience and receive your message for them.

Group conversation

The recruiter may arrange for a panel of interviewers to conduct the interview, so you do not need any other software or app to fulfil that requirement, you can simply rely on WhatsApp.

You must be familiar with all these features of WhatsApp, but you must be an expert in all of these, so that whenever you have to use WhatsApp to find a job, you can use it most effectively.